Folklore section

  The folklore section of KUD "Abrasevic" from Kraljevo was founded in 1946. In the period between In 1946 and 1954, she performed mainly in Kraljevo and surrounding places. Adequate working conditions were acquired only when the company was moved to the House of Social Organizations. The first big one by traveling to a festival in Zelena Gora, Poland in 1964, he gained popularity "Abrasevic", the membership is multiplied and three more children's ensembles are formed. Repertoire the ensemble at that time were songs and dances from all over the former SFRY. At the same time, how much it was possible, they are working on collecting folk costumes for the players. In 1979, the Society moved to the rooms in which it is still located today. In the eighties, the number of members increased, and as such, the folklore section became the base around which all artistic creation was formed. To In 1998, the choreographer Slavoljub Panović was at the head of the folklore ensemble. 1998. There is a personnel change and Zvezdan Đurić takes the place of the choreographer when he is inherited by Natasa Arsenijevic. In KUD "Abrasevic", they function with great success today first ensemble, veterans ensemble as well as five children's ensembles, and two recreational folklore groups The folklore section today has about 400 members. The artistic director of the first performer ensemble from 2019 is Dejan Prvanović. The folklore section is the winner of many awards and recognitions both in the country and abroad. The repertoire of folklore groups is finds over 50 choreographies.

National Orchestra

  The music section can, in addition to the drama section, be considered the founder of the society because they are back in 1926. year, the artistic group "Abrasevic" consisted of a choir and a tamburitza ensemble. 1971 two orchestras were formed, folk and entertainment, and both orchestras had several solo singers. In 1973, a large number of instruments were procured, as well as other necessary equipment. From this music section, many performers of Serbian folk music came from, such as Vesna Zmijanac, Dejana Đekić, Milan Simić and accordionist Miroljub Vrndić. Rejuvenation occurs in the early 1990s section, when Miroljub Vrndic is replaced by Dusan Gajovic at the head of the folk orchestra (1991) and then Dejan Vuković (1993) who is now the first accordion of the folk orchestra. 2001 Rade Kuburović became the head of the orchestra, who certainly introduced the most novelties in the work orchestra. A children's orchestra was founded, which consisted mainly of students from the Music School "Stevan Mokranjac ", and most of them are now members of the folk orchestra. The importance of Dejan should be especially emphasized Vukovic, who from 1993 until today, first as head of the orchestra and now as accompanist, follows every rehearsal of folklore anasambals. Now he is at the head of the folk orchestra Veljko Miljković. In 2015, the folk orchestra held its all-night concert called "Journey". Today, the National Orchestra has over 30 members. The orchestra accompanies all folklore groups, vocal soloists, and, if necessary, choir and singing groups.

Music workshop

  At the end of 2017, the music workshop "Abrasevic" was founded, in which the participants have opportunities to learn to play the accordion, guitar, double bass, trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, flute. Members of the "Abrasevic" folk district work with the participants of the workshop. Participants of the music workshop have the opportunity to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge. Members of music workshops also have independent performances and some of us have become members of the folk orchestra.

Choir section

  The choir section of KUD "Abrasevic" dates from the pre-war period, but the successes are greater recorded in the period from 1946 to 1970. In that period, the section is very numerous and performs at academies and choir competitions throughout the SFRY. The section is interrupted during the period from 1970 to 1974. In the later period, singing groups were formed several times, mostly by players who had a gift for singing. In 2008, the work of the choir section was renewed by forming it children's choir led by Dejana Živković Kuburović. The children's choir is becoming very fast popular and membership is increasing. Even today, the choir works in full composition and has an eye on its repertoire of seventy songs, which he performs at concerts, choir competitions, and other events, related to children's creativity. In 2016, the older mixed choir was formed again had his first performance at the event "Summer at Abrasevic's". The choir also had foreign guest appearances, and the repertoire includes about twenty songs.

Drama club

  The drama section of KUD "Abrasevic" is one of the sections that founded an artistic group from afar. 1926. Year. In the beginning, the section worked in the premises of the "Paris" hotel, where they were performed performances that were on the repertoire. Very successfully, this section was visiting the surrounding area at that time cities. In 1949, the section became independent under the auspices of the then local self-government, The National Theater "Kraljevo October" was formed, which still exists in the same place. The drama section of "Abrasevic" starts working again, this time on the premises of the KUD "Abrasevic", September 2009. Since then, the section has been working under the name "WINDOW" under the direction of actress Biljana Kostantinović, and with the assistance of his fellow actor, Dragan Pesic. Since its founding, the section has been moving in an enviable upward trajectory. They're coming out premieres several plays, the section performs at many cultural events, and brings very significant awards from several theater festivals in the country and abroad. After During the departure of Biljana Konstantinović, the management of the section was taken over by Dragan Pešić. Under his leadership, many awards and recognitions have been won at festivals. 2017 the first play for young people in the recent history of "Abrasevic" was played, which opened a new one a chapter in the history of "Abrasevic". In 2017, Dragan Pešić was replaced by a young actor Stefan Milikić, so that from 2020, the head of the drama section will be the actress Ana Jerotijevic. The drama section has about 30 members who are divided into three groups.

Singing groups

  At the initiative of Borisav Miljkovic, in 2015, male and female singers started the working groups. Both of our groups have had several notable performances throughout Serbia on traditional assemblies of folk art. Singing groups also had several all-night concerts, one of them was also in Kolarac's endowment. Also, the groups participated in several competitions from which they always returned with valuable prizes. They have a large number in the repertoire of songs. Today, the male singing group, the female singing group, and the ethnic group (younger female singing group). The leaders are well-known and eminent ethnomusicologists: Borisav Miljkovic, Sofija Gracanac and Milica Gracanac.