About us

 The cultural and artistic association "Abrasevic" from Kraljevo has existed for 92 years. As the oldest cultural institution in the King's Society was founded back in 1926 as an "Art Group Abrasevic ", its founder was Dragi Tesic, who was also a member of Sabac Abrasevic. The members of the first management of the company were: Dara Markovic, Zivko Biscic, Velimir Petrovic and Pavle Pajić.

  The newly founded "Art Group Abrasevic" had three sections: choir, drama section and tamburitza ensemble. In addition, the group had a modest library. Rooms where the group is they worked in the Trade Union House, which was located at 72 Cara Lazara Street, until the end of the Second World War II, on several occasions, the group stopped working for various reasons, namely 1929, 1932, 1936, 1939, as well as during the war in the period from 1941 to 1945.

  After the war, the art group changed its name twice to "Polet" and "Goc", and since 1947 it has remained today's name Cultural Art Society "Abrasevic" Kraljevo.

  Since 1947, KUD "Abrašević" has four sections: DRAMA, CHOIR, MUSIC and FOLKLORE. The first three sections had notable successes in the pre-war period, while the folklore section began its work in 1946. Since then, the folklore section has occupied the central place in society and becomes synonymous with "Abrashevic".

  In 1949, the drama section of the KUD "Abrasevic" grew into the City National Theater, which after the name "National Theater October 14", today it exists under the name in Kraljevo theater ”. Thus, the drama section of the society stopped working until 2009, when it was again established children's drama section "THEATER".

  In the period after the Second World War, the company's headquarters were in several locations: Hotel "Europe" (current hotel "Tourist"), hotel "Nacional" (corner of Miloš Veliki and Hajduk streets). Veljkova), the premises of the old Post Office (corner of Hajduk Veljkova and Cara Lazara streets), then the premises old school, the Fourth Kraljevo Battalion, which was located on the place where Jovan Sarić Square is now in front of the City Hall.

  In 1964, all sections of the society moved to the newly built House of Social Organizations. At the end of the seventies, more precisely in 1979, the company moved to the premises of Dobrovoljni fire brigade, where it is still located today. At the end of the sixties of the twentieth century, the society achieved significant results in art creativity and for the first time goes on trips outside the borders of the then SFR Yugoslavia. First large festivals in which "Abrasevic" participated in Poland (Zelena Gora, 1964), Austria, England, the Netherlands and FR Germany. At the same time, they strengthen ties with ours compatriots in the diaspora, who had their own cultural and artistic societies (Schramberg in Germany, Gothenburg, Sweden).

  In the eighties, "Abrasevic" became more and more popular and became even more famous in the country abroad. He goes on international tours and guest appearances almost every year. Next to folklore and music section In 1985, another new section of modern ballet was founded, which later recorded significant results.

  Although the beginning of the nineties was marked by war events in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia, "Abrasevic" did not stop working even then. In 1995, the company of their own merits and successes achieved under the guidance of choreographer Slavoljub Panović member of an important international association of folklore ensembles (CIOFF). As a member of this association the company participates in international festivals in Brazil (1996), United States States (1997) and the People's Republic of China (2003). In 1998. A large number of senior members folklore section returns to the society and an ensemble of veterans is founded which was very successful performances at veterans' festivals "Spomenar" in Zitiste and Cacak. It's a veterans' ensemble numerous and still works very successfully under the leadership of Natasa Arsenijevic. In 1998, the first ensemble and folk orchestra went on another overseas tour in Aus trawl. Going on this tour is popularized by "Abrasevic" in Kraljevo and its surroundings, and in the period which follows there is a massive membership in all sections. Children's folk is also founded orchestra under the direction of Rade Kuburović, which has achieved notable results and since when most of today's members of the folk orchestra.

  At the turn of the century, "Abrasevic" traveled and toured around the world, a tour to Australia is repeated in 2007, and in the same year he went on a European tour to England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Children's ensembles are also successful and are guests at several festivals in Spain, Romania, Greece and Italy

  In 2009, two new sections were established in the society: the drama section, under the leadership of the recognized one Kraljevo actress Biljana Konstatinović and a children's choir led by an experienced musician pedagogue Dejana Živković-Kuburović. These two sections were well received by the public and their membership has been growing lately.

  The year 2010 was marked by the guest appearance of "Abrašević" at the folklore festival in Spain, and at this tour also visited the Cote d'Azur as well as Venice, the pearl of Italy. It was also a guest on festivals in Croatia, in Pula, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Banja Luka, Istibanja in Macedonia, Lyon in France, in the Czech Republic, in Prague and Poland, in Green Mountain. Dance group of the modern section ballet was a guest at the festival in Cluj, Romania, and the children's drama section at the festival children's drama in Bulgaria, where she won the award for best performance

  The last few years have been very good and successful friendly relations with many of us diaspora societies. Also, twinnings with the cities of Maribor have been renewed Slovenia and Green Mountain in Poland. There is also cooperation with institutions and folklore ensembles from other countries. That is how a very nice friendship was built with the municipality of San Foa le Lyon, where the company visited several times as well as with the deputy mayor of this municipality, Mr. Gerard Sharie, a great admirer of Serbian culture.

  It is known that "Abrasevic" cooperates with our people in the diaspora. The first in the last 10 years the ensemble was a guest in Berlin and in Paris with SKD "Izvor". The orchestra of our Society was a guest Parisians two more times. In 2016, the company returned to the CIOFF association. Recent years a large number of foreign tours were organized. Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic, the United States (Chicago) and Turkey were destinations of our ensembles. In October 2016, a ceremonial academy was organized, and then a large one concert in the Sports Hall to mark the 90th anniversary

  The year 2019 will be remembered as one of the most successful years of the Society organized and realized as many as 9 foreign tours

  In the previous two years, due to the pandemic, the Society has been working with short interruptions, but again realized tours in Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro

  In 2021, with several concerts, a great jubilee was marked, 95 years of existence. The society is a member of the Serbian section of CIOFF and is the organizer of the six-day festival "Leto kod Abrasevica ".