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When you look at the years in the distance, into the future, with all the imagination and the ability to recognize and adopt them as an orientation, or as a commitment, yet that view is blurred, the feeling uncertain, and all that mostly causes anxiety and even fear in pessimists. . But, when you turn your curiosity and attention to the past years, then peek into the dusty photos and read, yellowed records, discover people's names and recognize their faces, notice their navigation, needs, ambitions, feelings ... Then under your eyelids, especially if they are folded, appear vivid images and hover over your eyes, which failed to hide a gentle and sad smile, rolling memories of events important for a lifetime, which we know to pass so quickly.

And what was really going on? Statistics is a necessary and important science for systematizing data on time, people, their work and results. Along with historiography, she will reveal to us that the beginning of "Abrašević's" work was in 1926, that from then until today worked in several places, in several sections where they played, sang, played, acted, recited ... All this happened in a complex community of like-minded people of different generations and education, but equally strongly loyal and joyful people. All that will draw our attention to the accuracy in the numbers of performances performed by all sections and all generations in many villages and cities, at home and abroad. All this will say about the awards, recognitions, about the acquired and preserved reputation and the quality of the performance groups and soloists. All this is our history, indelible, quality and lasting inspiration for new generations and new content. For new achievements. Let's let history and statistics do their thing, in their own way, and give them respect, because it is without their view of the future is unfounded, it can go astray, stop everything, even the need. This work that we do is a consequence of the wandering of the heart, which is based on discovering, getting to know and adopting values, the most intimate feelings and joys, which create a beautiful state of light fear of the first shame, due to the first experience of "heat stroke" from someone's gentle hand, carefully and quietly spoken beautiful words, a gentle kiss ... Now we know very well that all this makes life meaningful and valuable. About exciting travel and encounters with different cultures, different cities, statistics record mileage, discovered sides of the world, exotic landscapes, unknown wildlife, roads, buildings, standards, and some of the exorbitant costs of poor people. And memories are recorded - the soul. She is the founder and backbone of "Abrasevic". She is an indestructible regenerator of everything that reveals the secrets of life and brings them closer to the curiosity of the heart, eye and hand of every generation and at all times. Even in this difficult and uncertain, which we live now. But we do not know during the time that was not difficult, but we know that we are not and that we will not surrender to him. For us, the guide and vision will be the time we spent in the right way, enriching our little lives here and anywhere in the world. between America and Australia. We, the current ones, want it to be like that in "Abrasevic" for all eternity. For that sense of the future, for those people who will support it and for those who will experience it, for the new century "Abrasevic" - be healthy.

Mile Nedeljković