Newsfeed         June 17th 2012.

It was completed in a cultural event, "Summer at Abrasevic" by the fifth year in a row, is organized by "Abrašević" from Kraljevo. Between 16th 12.do In June, the stage in front of "Abrasevic" performed all the folk group, a group of dance, children's choir, dramatic and the orchestra's "Abrasevic" and the closing evening guests were students of ethnomusicological department of the music school "Stevan Mokranjac" from Kraljevo.

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Welcome to the official Internet presentation

of Folklore Ensemble “Abrasevic” from Kraljevo - Serbia

When you look in the distance, in the future, with all the imagination and the ability to recognize and adopt a similar orientation, or orientation, yet the sight is blurred, uncertain feeling, and all that, generally, cause anxiety and even the pessimists fear . But when his curiosity and attention at the past years, so take a look at photos and read out the dusty, yellowing records, reveal the names of people and recognize their faces, you notice their habits, needs, aspirations, feelings ... Then under your eyelids, especially if concluded, vivid images appear and hover over your eyes, which failed to conceal a slight smile and a wistful, rolling memories of significant events for life, for which we know is going so fast.
And what actually happened? Statistics is the science and the important need for systematization of data on weather, people, their work and results. It will give us, the historiography reveal that the launch of "Abraševića" was the 1926th year, that from then until now was in many places, in several sections which are played, sang, played, played, chanting ... It all happened in a complex community of like-minded people of different age and education, but equally strong and loyal joyful people. All it will draw attention to the accuracy of the numbers presented performances of all sections and all generations in many villages and towns, after the country and abroad. All this to say about the awards, honors, acquired and preserved the reputation of quality and performance groups and solista.Sve is our history, indelible, enduring quality and inspiration for new generations and new content. For new developments.
Let history and statistics to work their, in their own way and odajmo them respect, because without them, look into the future without merit, may err, everything stops, and needs. The work that we do, the result is a wandering heart, which is based on the detection, recognition and adoption of values, the most intimate feelings and joy, that creating a beautiful balance of light from the first fear of shame, because the first experience of "heat stroke" of someone's gentle arms, cautiously and kind words quietly spoken, gentle kiss ... Now we know quite well that all that makes life meaningful and worthwhile. The exciting travels and encounters with different cultures, different cities, the statistics records mileage, discovered by the world, exotic landscapes, an unknown wildlife, roads, buildings, and some standards too high costs for poor people.
A memory records - the soul.
She is the founder and backbone "Abraševića".
It is indestructible regenerator of what life and reveals the secrets of approaching the curiosity of the heart, eye and hand of each generation and at all times. Even in this difficult and uncertain, which we now live. But we do not know the time that it was not difficult, but that he did not know that he will not surrender. For our guiding principle and vision will be the time that we spent in the right way, enriching our small lives here and anywhere in the world between America and Australia.
We, now, we want to "Abraševiću" is even more so for ever and ever.
For this sense of the future, for those people who will support him and those who will suffer, for the new century "Abrasevic" - you are all healthy.


Mile Nedeljkovic


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